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Cottage Garden Threads-CGT-2102 Gerbera

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You are purchasing 1 skein(10metres) of NO. 1102 Sweet Water Cottage Garden Threads Stranded Cotton

Nestled in the quiet rolling hills of Victoria, Australia, Mother-Daughter duo Pam Spurway and Katie Dawson with their passionate team of local women, design create and produce these unique, hand dyed products one-by-one.

Each piece leaves having been handled with care so that you too, can love the colour and feel the difference.

Using the finest quality long staple mercerized base thread, CGT provides a high sheen thread with a low knotting rate in addition to being Australian Textile Industry certified light and colour fast; making CGT the ultimate choice for your embroidery.

The packaging system unique to CGT is designed to retain the information of the thread colour, number and weight as well as eliminating tangles. By just pulling on the left hand side of the skein, the thread will untwist and be ready to use length by length, or strand by strand.

Each skein is pre-cut to 50cm lengths to a total of 10 metres (20 lengths) and the skeins come beautifully packaged with full care instructions. To see a little video on how to use the packaging, click here..

CGT Threads are designed with the same colour at either end of the pre-cut lengths for continuity of the subtle colour blend only achievable with hand dying. The short colour lengths within each skein of thread ensure a lovely effect when stitching even small details which is lost when stitching with machine produced variegated thread due to the limitation of colour length changes and the absence of hand manipulation of dyes during the hand dying process resulting in abrupt colour changes as opposed to the subtle blends of hand dyed threads.

Any products made with CGT threads are best hand-washed in warm water/soft soap and warm rinse/squeeze to remove excess water. Place immediately onto a dry towel, roll up and squeeze firmly. Air dry completely. Quilt tops - spin gently in washing machine and air dry completely. When completely dry, steam press using water and/or fabric spray. Do NOT press from the front.

Like any hand dyed thread, Cottage Garden Threads can not be guaranteed 100% colour fast... however these threads are processed very carefully to avoid colour loss and if cared for correctly, will have a 97 - 100% dye fastness. They meet standards for Australian Industry certified colour and light fast.

Please Note - because CGT threads are hand dyed, dye lots will vary, purchase sufficient for your project - message me if you require more than 1 skein of the same colour to complete your project so I can make sure that your threads are from the same dye lot.

You will not be disappointed with this beautiful hand dyed thread. I use this thread myself and just love the colours and gradations that you achieve with your embroidery.

To see a little video on how to use the packaging, click here..