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My Sewing Folder PDF Pattern, Folder for Sewing, Knitting and Crotchet Patterns

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Sewing folder Pattern, My Sewing Folder PDF Pattern - Folder for Sewing, Knitting, Crotchet Patterns, Pin Cushion and Pockets for your sewing needles, scissors, threads, needles, downloadable pattern.


The folder cover has a hearts embroidered on the outside. A small crotchet heart is the centre heart. If you can't get hold of a lace heart another fabric heart will look just as lovely. The inside has lots of pockets to place all you bits and pieces that you need for class or your current project. Added bonus with the folder is that you can also keep your notes together of projects you are working on as well as samples of fabric that you are using or need to buy.

Finished Size: Fits an A4 Folder


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