Matilda's Own Bamboo Quilt Batting

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This Matilda's Own bamboo batting is Australian made. It consists of 100% organic bamboo. This pre cut batting pack is Queen Sized measuring 2.4m by 2.75m (97 inches by 108 inches).

Some features of the Matilda's Own batting are listed below:

- soft and easy to use with needles both by hand or machine

- double processed to prevent bearding

- great for people with allergies

- contains no resin, sprays or glues

- machine washable

- made in Australia from pure bamboo fibres which produces a very soft result

To ensure that your batting lasts as long as your quilt, please take the best of care when washing.
This batting is machine washable. Recommended to use a quilt wash for longer lasting and gentle on your quilts.
Residual shrinkage is 2.5 %.